Safety is Paramount - Our students and staff are our most valuable assets.
Mental Health - Must be prioritized.
Parental Rights - Will be secured. 
Support Our Teachers - Support teachers by insisting on order in the classroom.
Restore Respect for Our Teachers - Let’s make sure they are, and feel, supported.
Reading on grade level - Let's hire as many reading specialists as it takes to get all our students reading on grade level within four years. 
Results-driven Classrooms - Let’s focus more on the lessons and less on the tests.
Create Income-building Vocational Education - Build trades programs that can graduate students as income-earning apprentices.
Fiscal Efficiency - We can do better with the funding we have.
Value at All Levels - It is time to move administration dollars into the classroom.
Restore COVID-19 Learning Losses - We lost those years and the students suffered. Some students need recovery lessons to recover as much as possible before graduation.
Make School Libraries Safe for All Readers - Ensure all books are reviewed before they are put in a student’s hands.
School Choice - It works.
Common Sense Leadership - Many times the simpler answers are more sustainable.